Therapy for Teen Girls

It often seems the pressure is coming at our teen girls from all sides.

>> They need to perform well in school so they can get into a good college.

>> They have to navigate social pressure around dating, partying, and social media.

>> They stress about how they look and pleasing others all the time.

Teenagers today are feeling more stressed out, lonely and disconnected than ever.

That’s why my goal and mission in life is to work myself out of a job!

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We tackle the question of “Why is everything so hard?”

I want to see a world where adolescent girls love who they are and don’t use phrases like “stressed out” or “lonely” to describe themselves.

In therapy, I help girls identify their strengths and learn to accept themselves just as they are now.

Together we navigate difficult feelings and difficult conversations so they learn how to communicate their needs effectively and respectfully.

I will often incorporate family therapy so that we can all work together to help support your struggling teen or enhance the overall family relationship.  


Here are some of the common scenarios I see with the teen girls who come to my office:

  • Girls who are perfectionistic and buckle under the pressure of managing expectations

  • Girls who might identify as quirky, shy, or introverted and are trying to learn to speak up or assert themselves at home, school, or with peers

  • Girls who are sensitive, sweet, and have trouble managing stress

  • Girls who are struggling in a complicated family system- blended or divorced families, parents with addiction issues, or high conflict families

  • Girls who identify as “creative” and have difficulty meeting school performance expectations

  • Girls who feel like the “black sheep” of the family

  • Girls who are questioning their sexuality, how to feel ok in their own skin, and how to talk to family/friends about being different

Yes, it is possible for every adolescent girl to overcome these struggles and live the joyful life she deserves.

During my darkest years in middle/high school, Leah provided so much support for me. She was a huge part of my recovery process when I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. She puts maximum effort into making sure all her clients are safe and mentally healthy, in both individual and group therapy. I am eternally grateful to have found such a loving, caring, wonderful therapist.
— Client, age 18

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