Therapy for Women

As women we put a LOT of pressure on ourselves every day…

To be beautiful, smart, successful.

To be a good friend, good spouse, good mother, good daughter.

Yet so many of us suffer silently, trying not to let those around us know that we need their help.

Trust me, you’re not alone!

Stress, loneliness, overwhelm, anxiety, depression… these are all things that women just like you experience every day.

And these are things that women just like you overcome every day.

The wound is the place where light enters you.
— Rumi

I commonly work with women in individual therapy who are dealing with these scenarios:

lost and looking for meaning leah niehaus.png

Lost and Looking for Meaning

You’re recently out of college and trying to find meaning and purpose for your life. Perhaps you feel lost, distracted, disconnected or overwhelmed. You need someone to help you find your voice, and create a vision for the life you’re meant to lead.

overwhelmed and unfulfilled leah niehaus.png

Overwhelmed and Unfulfilled

You are stressed out, overwhelmed, and exhausted… but no one knows it. You’re able to manage adulting each day but feel unfulfilled and wonder what it is that you’re actually doing all this work for. You need someone to help you manage the daily expectations while still feeling joyful about what you have and excited for what’s to come in the future.

in a relationship rut leah niehaus.png

In a Relationship Rut

You feel like you’re in a relationship rut. Whether you’re married with kids, trying to select the right partner with whom to have a committed relationship, or divorced and starting over… you are struggling and just going through the motions.  You need clarity on what is important to you in a relationship and how to ask for what you need.

navigating life transitions leah niehaus.png

Navigating Life Transitions

Perhaps it is motherhood, empty nest, switching careers, or adjusting to aging. Your life has experienced some big changes and you’re finding it difficult to adjust. You need confidence in your new role and clarity on how it aligns with your vision for your life.

the wounded parent leah niehaus.png

The Wounded Parent

You’re a parent and realize that your own childhood is starting to impact how you parent your children. There are deep wounds that still haven’t healed and the strategies you’ve used to cope until now are no longer working. You need someone to help you navigate painful memories, find healing and create new patterns so your relationships provide a safe place of connection.

Infertility and Adjustment to Motherhood Leah Niehaus.png

Fertility/Infertility & Adjustment to Motherhood

Perhaps you have been struggling with loss related to miscarriage, ongoing frustration and disappointment related to infertility or navigating the co-occurring fears and joys of becoming pregnant after these struggles. I have been where you are and actually started a personal blog to encourage others on this journey. You can click here to read the blog and find some inspiration and hope.

Let’s work together to figure out what is keeping you stuck or unsatisfied.

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